Growing problems, one year on: the state of children’s health care and the Covid-19 backlog

A young boy lying in a hospital bed with his mother during the COVID-19 Pandemic

QualityWatch’s 2022 annual statement showed that although the direct effects of Covid-19 on children and young people have generally been milder than for older groups, the impact of the pandemic was huge, with waiting lists for children and young people’s care growing rapidly and mental health a serious concern. So, more than one year on from that report, have there been improvements in the state of health and care for our younger generations?

Over a year ago now, the NHS published its delivery plan for tackling the Covid-19 backlog of planned care. Around the same time, QualityWatch reported on the impact of the pandemic on health care for children and young people in England. That showed, among other things, that the waiting list for planned paediatric hospital care had grown by 22% in just seven months in 2021.

So, more than one year on, what does health care for children and young people in England look like, and is policy-making working effectively to support improving care? This analysis shows that, far from diminishing, the problems facing children and young people’s health care have worsened in many cases.

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