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GroupRoleMembershipFrequencyCHA Lead/Contact
Chief Executive GroupTo oversee the CHA’s work programme, provide strategic input and ensure close links between the CHA and Trust Boards and Executive TeamsCEOs of all Member Trusts, or equivalent in Trusts which do not have a dedicated CEO for children’s servicesQuarterly; alternate online and F2F meetingsAlexandra Norrish Alexandra.norrish1@nhs.net
Partnership BoardTo bring key external stakeholders into the work of the CHA, providing advice and strategic input, for discussion with a wide range of Trusts.Invitees regularly include senior leads from NHS England, the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health, and other relevant bodies. Members of all other Exec level CHA groups are invited to attend. Quarterly, onlineLouisa Desborough Louisa.Desborough@gosh.nhs.uk
GroupRoleMembershipFrequencyCHA Lead/Contact
Steering GroupTo oversee and agree the CHA’s work programme day to day, and provide Trust-sponsored signoff of decisions on all aspects of the work programme. The Steering Group follows recommendations from the Directors of Finance and Clinical Reference Group on financial and clinical issues Each Trust has two members, generally one operational lead and one strategic lead although this is at the Trust’s discretion. Membership consists mainly of Chief Operating Officers or the equivalent for each Trust; Directors of Strategy or equivalent; and service leads.Monthly: online meetings with an annual face to face meetingAlexandra Norrish Alexandra.norrish1@nhs.net
Innovation networkTo bring together key leads on innovation across the Trusts, to share information and opportunities for collaborationHeads of innovation from the Member TrustsAd hocKathryn Robertshaw k.robertshaw@nhs.net
Research networkTo bring together heads of Research from all the Trusts, supporting opportunities for collaboration, priority setting and funding bidsHeads of paediatric research from the Member TrustsAd hocEmma Meekin Emma.Meekin@alderhey.nhs.uk
Virtual Wards groupTo bring together service leads on virtual wards and hospital at home, to share best practice and develop shared bidsVirtual wards programme leads from Member TrustsAd hocKathryn Robertshaw k.robertshaw@nhs.net
Health inequalities groupTo support pieces of programme work on health inequalities, such as Sophie’s Legacy, and explore opportunities for joint workingHealth inequalities leads or specific programme leads as relevant, from Member TrustsAd hocKathryn Robertshaw k.robertshaw@nhs.net
GroupRoleMembershipFrequencyCHA Lead/Contact
Director of Finance groupTo oversee the finances of the CHA; to provide opportunities to share intelligence; and take forward joint working on financial issues such as specialised commissioning and opportunities for CIP programmesDoFs of all member TrustsMonthly, onlineJennifer Connolly jennifer@edgehealth.co.uk
GroupRoleMembershipFrequencyCHA Lead/Contact
Director of Communications group• To support connection and sharing between senior communications leaders across the CHA
• To advise on messaging and communications strategy for the CHA, both internally to staff and externally to wider stakeholders.
Directors of Communications (or equivalent) of all Member Trusts, with responsibility for paediatricsQuarterly, onlineLouisa Desborough Louisa.Desborough@gosh.nhs.uk
GroupRoleMembershipFrequencyCHA Lead/Contact
Clinical Reference GroupTo oversee and direct all clinical issues relating to the CHA’s work programme.Directors of Nursing and Medical Directors (or equivalent) of all Trusts. Chairs of the AHP and Chief Pharmacist groups. Monthly, online with an annual meeting face to face. Kathryn Robertshaw k.robertshaw@nhs.uk
Chief Pharmacist GroupTo share best practice and lead shared working across the Trusts on pharmaceutical issues, such as high cost drugs, in order to develop a fairer and clinically robust approach to pharmacy.Chief Pharmacists of Member Trusts, plus some representatives of Trusts in the Devolved AdministrationsAd hoc, online and face to faceAlison Tennant Alison.tennant@nhs.uk
UEC groupTo bring together service leads on Urgent and Emergency Care, to share best practice and opportunities for service transformationServices leads for UEC across the TrustsAd hocKathryn Robertshaw k.robertshaw@nhs.uk
Lead Allied Health Professionals groupTo bring together Lead AHPs from across the Trust, to share best practice and develop opportunities for service transformationLead AHPs from all member TrustsMonthlyMandy Higginbottom Mandy.higginbottom@nhs.uk
Lead Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist GroupTo bring together lead physios and OTs, to share best practice and develop opportunities for service transformationLead physios and OTs from Member TrustsBimonthlyDave Threlfall
Rekel Kerr

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