Royal College of Radiologists call for better access to Paediatric Interventional Radiology services in the UK

A girl patient is lying in the tomograph and waiting for a scan.

The Royal College of Radiologists has published an important report on paediatric interventional radiology (PIR). These specialists provide minimally invasive, high-quality treatment for cancer and many other diseases. PIR vastly improves the range, efficiency and quality of paediatric care.

Widespread adoption of PIR has so far failed in the UK, and there has been little progress since the Department of Health’s 2010 report on interventional radiology, which highlighted the variability in this service.

The UK is woefully under-resourced in PIR and there are huge inequalities in access to this specialist care across the country. The UK only has 12 consultant posts, for example, which are concentrated in Birmingham and London. 

We are calling for an increased focus on this vital service, and action to ensure good PIR provision for all children who need it.

Read the full article here on the RCR website

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