Shared learning and support for child health leaders

A photo of NHS Trust leaders and staff at a shared learning event


The relatively small size of paediatric services compared with adult services, and the fact that specialist paediatric services are spread across a wide geographical area, means that clinicians and leaders of paediatric services are often relatively isolated within local systems. The Children’s Hospital Alliance provides a unique opportunity for operational, clinical, managerial and executive colleagues to come together and share expertise on paediatric issues.


The close working across the Trusts has enabled us to deliver:

  • A world-first innovation programme rolling out an AI tool to tackle WNB
  • Such as those detailed here on our website
  • Spread of good practice and shared learning, with demonstrable and practical improvements in delivery of care
  • Concentration of expertise in highly specialised areas, available to support external stakeholders as required.
A graphic displaying 12 different opportunities for sharing learning across a broad section of stakeholders

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