Children’s Hospital Alliance Virtual Wards Proposal, developed July 2022

A father and son taking a reading for doctors whilst still at home in a Virtual Ward

Challenge In 2022, the CHA developed a proposal to work together on a virtual wards programme to tackle growing demand for children’s hospital beds and help address long waiting lists, particularly during winter pressures. Since Covid, elective waiting lists have risen 60% faster for children than for adults. This is especially significant because children are […]

Providing food for parents of children in hospital

Meals provided for parents stored in a fridge.

Challenge In England, 2 million children (19%) live in low-income families – up from 15% in 2015. In the North 6% more children live in poverty compared to all of England. As rising housing, energy and food costs put more people in the position of making difficult choices, thinking about how to poverty-proof children’s healthcare […]

The Children’s Hospitals Alliance Risk Tool (CHART)

Challenge The current systems used in the NHS to assess the risk to patients of waiting for treatment does not adequately capture the increased risks that affect younger patients. Delayed access to elective care affects children’s development and can cause long-term harm felt throughout their lifetimes. The Children’s Hospitals Alliance has collaborated to develop and pilot […]

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