The National Paediatric Accelerator

Premature newborn baby girl

Challenge Paediatric services were badly hit by Covid: as well as the restrictions facing all services, some Trusts gave over paediatric beds to adults, or allocated children’s nurses to adult services. As a result, children’s waiting lists were very badly affected and rising significantly faster than for adults. But the priority in national policy was […]

Shared learning and support for child health leaders

A photo of NHS Trust leaders and staff at a shared learning event

Challenge The relatively small size of paediatric services compared with adult services, and the fact that specialist paediatric services are spread across a wide geographical area, means that clinicians and leaders of paediatric services are often relatively isolated within local systems. The Children’s Hospital Alliance provides a unique opportunity for operational, clinical, managerial and executive […]

The Children’s Hospitals Alliance Risk Tool (CHART)

Challenge The current systems used in the NHS to assess the risk to patients of waiting for treatment does not adequately capture the increased risks that affect younger patients. Delayed access to elective care affects children’s development and can cause long-term harm felt throughout their lifetimes. The Children’s Hospitals Alliance has collaborated to develop and pilot […]

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